Friday, September 4, 2009


Two ideas. Notes. Thoughts in my head.

1. Everyone here speaks freakin' British English
2. I am home.

Every little bit of me screams with joy as I ride the train. Ok, that sounds weird. But I've only been on the train for 40 minutes and I can't help but smile. I don't even mind the fact that my yogurt is the plainest flavour ever - not even vanilla.

This is Magi reporting live, 'cause I ain't dead yet, from the train from Nyon to Lausaane, the 2nd train in my 4 train journey back to where I did my exchange last year.

It is such an odd feeling, such a good feeling. I feel sort of numb, excited. It's unbelievable.

It's like my Swiss year was just a dream and this trip will reconfirm that it actually happened.

The train passes through fields of sunflowers, wheat, Swiss houses. I can see France across the water and the mountains that divide Italy from Switzerland and France.

Is it possible to feel such a belonging when alone on a train? It's like a much desired hug. One that reassures me of my reality.

I could stay here forever. Is that horrible of me to say? To think?

I then feel bad. Have I so quickly forgotten the people back home that were so good to me. The friendships that are greater than any spacious landscape. The feeling of love.

Love versus this odd feeling I get by looking at fields and mountains. I do sound like a cold person. Perhaps a loner, but I don't think that is so.

Switzerland is better than I remembered. I wish you could see each minute. Every turn is a new landscape and each one is wonderfully crafted. Even the populated areas are beautiful and have their own quaint charm. I was afraid of being disapointed, that this small country would be unable to compare with how I envisioned it in my mind for the past 13 months.

I don't think I'll be able to leave Switzerland a second time, but little steps. I've only been here for 8 days, just 51 or so weeks to go. Will that be enough to last me a lifetime?


  1. Man has always felt some sort of loneliness and belonging within the beauty of the natural world. I'm sure you feel a connection both to the people and culture of Switzerland and to the landscape around you. So it is understandable what you are feeling and quite frankly, I am a bit jealous of you. Remember that regardless of how enticing the foreign land may be, the world is still a place filled with sin. But also, do not feel guilty for what you are feeling. Instead, rejoice in God's artistry and wonderous creation. And feel blessed in the friendships you have made and the things you have learned thus far in your life.