Friday, August 28, 2009

[deux jours]

I am so greatful they let me sleep in.
So I did. Till 10:00.

My first Swiss breakfast made me feel so good, like every breakfast from here on out will. I love bread with butter or Nutella and a cup full of hot chocolate. That is what I eat. I heard Alex running around the house when I woke up and Mammi (the grandmother) calling out after him, with the occasional loving scold.

I literally played all day.
Every minute was filled with play, if I wasn't eating.

At 11:30, Alex and I headed out together to pick up Olean from school. Alex is a very slow walker, or perhaps galloper.

From what I can tell, his second favorite toy is his hobby horse. He goes everywhere with it between his legs and pauses every 5 steps to stroke its mane. It's a very slow process and then I understood why we needed the 30 minutes for a walk that takes me around 7 minutes.

There she was waiting for us in a purple and white gingham (I think) dress and pigtails. Such a sweet girl.

Touche saved the day!
aka Tag

With the kids racing after each other, we got home pretty soon. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for kids that grab my hand and hang on on sunny days. I felt quite blissful. Alex on my right. Ollean on my left.

Lunch was bread, meat, and cheese.

We played touche and cache in the yard. Tag and hide and go seek.

Then we heard a crash and I looked to where it came from, my bedroom. The windows were in tact so I wasn't sure what it was. It wasn't until later that I discovered the huge poster of Seattle (my host dad's) that was in a frame had crashed. The glass was everywhere and we couldn't even open my door.

Diareehe. Yeah. Poor kid had it. Flowed onto the cement. It was gross.

Then we walked Olean back to school.

Alex and I played on the playground until it was time to go home, which was when I said so. Go me.

We skipped on back home singing the one of the two songs I know in French, "Jingle Bells."

At home, it was time for his nap and I volunteered to help with the clean up. First, it was the glass. Glass shards covered my floor. Erk. Welcome to Switzerland?

Then I dusted and vacuumed. Went to my room for a bit till it was time to pick up Olean. I got her, we alked home.

The rest of my work day was all play, literally. That is what I do.

I just found out today that I don't actually have to play with the kids all the time. In some ways, its a relief. It other ways, I don't mind it. I just don't know if I could do it for a whole year. It does keep me active though, running constantly.

Daniel came home and I was free to go downstairs. I did.

We all ate together. It was some dish with leeks (I think), potatoes, onions, eggs, and bacon. It was good.

Then I went for a walk with Alice.

Alice is a wonderful girl from South Hampton, England who is going to be an au pair for the family across the street. She's fantastic. I think we walked for about an hour. We were in the woods and the dark made it hard to find our way home, but we did. I'm quite grateful to have her here. I love being with the host family, but I need interaction with people my age, sometimes, and its hard to get without going to school each day.

I got home.
Logged on.
Logged off.
Read my Bible.

What a life.

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