Saturday, August 22, 2009


A dreamer, is that what I am?

I don't think so.
But one of my favourite things to do lately is this -- I love laying down, closing my eyes, and walking my way through memories. I like walking to my Swiss school, walking through my host homes, meandering the hallways of the Kantonsschule Obwalden. I take every step, look around and let my mind fill the holes of my memory.
It makes me feel sort of strange.

But then I get this child-like, giddy sensation when I realize I will get to see these sights once more.
Other Notes & Updates
Still going strong, I am gettingit so all the belongings in my bedroom are the ones I am taking with me to Switzerland. Eveything else is getting packed up.
Good Byes
I am not too focused on that and I've already come to face the reality that I won't get to say "good bye" to many of the people I want to. But I guess that's how life goes, and farewells aren't exactly my favourite thing in the world.
I've said good bye to a lot of important people to me lately. The ones I know I could count on for everything and anything.
Just a small handful of friends remains that I know I'm going to see at least once before I leave including Jenny, Monica, Chrisitan, Alyssa, and my grandparents.
As I write this, I have a total of 2 full days left in America, 70 hours, 4225 minutes, 253543 seconds.

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