Thursday, July 23, 2009

[save the date]

Got a message from the future host dad - is that what he is?

A host dad? How do you refer to the family you are an au pair for?

Anyways, he's looking at tickets for the 26th of August, so I guess I just might be heading out on that date.

35 days.

35 days.

35 days in America.

Is that what we're doing with life. Always living forwards, towards a future date. Working towards a goal. Living with some deadline in mind. In high school we were looking towards college, and after college, marraige, and onwards it goes.

But, I'm keeping busy enough as of now with life, no time to think of Switzerland... 'cept those short moments when people inquire. Those times at night when I freely give my mind the privlidge of wandering through Switzerland. I like letting my go on like that, it just makes me smile.

"I bought him an attractive bird cage made in Switzerland."

-Charles F. Kettering-

Monday, July 20, 2009

To Be An Au Pair

Deciding to go was like a huge sigh of relief for me. I knew what I was going to do next year. I had a plan. Relief. And then again, there is a little part of me that is anxious about going.

I am oh so excited to go, don't get me wrong, but I wonder about my qualifications. I am worried about letting them down.

There are two main things I need to work on and attempt to conquer: French & Driving.

Français & Conduite

Can I do it? I only want to please this family, as I am working for them. I hope they will understand that I will do all I can to serve them, but there are some things I just can't do, yet.

I told them before that my driving was limited and that my French was near to non-existent. Anyways, this is different than an exchange. On exchange, it was my job to learn German and adapt to the culture, all of a sudden I'm getting paid to do this and I need to give back my services in return.

As for age, I'm only 18. That's the youngest you can be when you want to be an au pair. Their last one was 23 or 24 or something.

I guess I need to just keep reminding myself that I am, indeed, qualified for this job to most extents. I love working with kids and enjoy my time with them, and that's what matters. I can clean. I am willing to serve.

[nouveau départ]

Hoi Zämä,

A new year.
A new adventure.
A new blog.

Last time I restarted a blog was 2007, 2006, or something. I was writing about going to Switzerland on exchange. I was nervous, excited, and ready for a new adventure.

"But these emotions are so weird. I mean, it's so crazy looking at my house and my stuff and saying, "see you in a year!" And I just can't get over the emotions. Any emotions of saddness and regret have not entered my brain..." "...I just think forward and I'm so excited and in awe that I really don't have anything to be worried about."
-August 6, 2007-

Well, it seems like I'm drawn to experinces like that. Up for an adventure.

Hello, my name is Mägi and I'm going to Switzerland for the next year. I am going back to Switzerland, my home for a year.

Now get your notepad out and take note, here are the details:
  • I will be living in the town of Arzier, near Nyon.
  • It is in the French part of Switzerland - 20 minutes from France.
  • My host family has two children, a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy.

I will be an au pair. An au pair? Is that some French word? Why yes, indeed it is. It's another word for something of a nanny. It's menaing is something on the page of "equal to." It's a relationship with a win win situation. I'm something of a domestic housekeeper and nanny, but as pay, not only do I get money but I get room and board in a foreign country. Whoo hoo! Culture!

I guess I'd have to say, I'm excited.

Yes, indeed, I am quite excited.