Thursday, July 23, 2009

[save the date]

Got a message from the future host dad - is that what he is?

A host dad? How do you refer to the family you are an au pair for?

Anyways, he's looking at tickets for the 26th of August, so I guess I just might be heading out on that date.

35 days.

35 days.

35 days in America.

Is that what we're doing with life. Always living forwards, towards a future date. Working towards a goal. Living with some deadline in mind. In high school we were looking towards college, and after college, marraige, and onwards it goes.

But, I'm keeping busy enough as of now with life, no time to think of Switzerland... 'cept those short moments when people inquire. Those times at night when I freely give my mind the privlidge of wandering through Switzerland. I like letting my go on like that, it just makes me smile.

"I bought him an attractive bird cage made in Switzerland."

-Charles F. Kettering-

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