Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[coming home]

"Maggie, I heard you're heading back to America early..."
What? You did? Sigh, get's it's time for me to tell the world.
It is true, the end of my second Swiss adventure is coming to a sorrowful end after a short three months here.
When am I coming home? I will be arriving on Thanksgiving day at around 3:00 PM. Just in time for the pumpkin pie, or maybe even turkey if my family is gracious enough. I maybe exhausted, though, after 18 hours of traveling.
That's just about a week till I come home.
That's just about a week till I have to leave home.
Why am I coming home?
It all comes down to small legalities... and the fact I would be an illegal alien if I stayed more than three months here.
The host family knew this, but I was naive or unaware that I would not be able to get a visa to work here. They are wonderful and gracious, but also encouraged me to stay without a visa. I, however, am not comfortable with this. The Swiss government has been getting more active with their border patrol and I don't want to mess with it. Getting caught could me affecting me coming back to Europe and at such a young age, I don't want to close ay doors.
After a lot of research, prayer, and conversations, I decided I would rather go home early, to be legal, than stay. I told the family about a month ago. I feel so blessed as they have been so gracious and accomidating to me. They don't treat me any differently, even though I am leaving them, which is a new stress in their life.
I will write on my feelings about returning to America tomorrow.
So yes, I am coming home after 3 months, not a year. Yes, it is just because of legal issues.
Guess I'll see you in just a bit, then...


  1. It is sad that your travels are at a [probably temporary} end...but im so excited to see you !!!

  2. Magi...I admire you more with each passing day.