Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[au revoir]

It is 1:24 AM in the morning.

I need to get up in 4 hours to get ready to go to the air port.

I am exhausted, wasted, and so grateful that my friend Jenny helped me get everything packed up even when it is so late at night.

It was kinda fun? No. Sort of. Not really.

I normally blog my feelings about leaving. I did that last time. I think I'll try to summarize how I feel here:

"I am excited to go to Switzerland. I will miss America."

And that is simply how it is. I am stoked to see small glimpses of my Swiss life again, I'm thrilled to get a new life style, I am eager to go to Migros, I can't wait to meet my new host family.

But America, you were good to me. Thanks for the memories. I've found quite a few amazing friends over here, especially in the past year. People I never thought I would get close to. They are great.

Can you hear the enthusiasm?

Good night.

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