Thursday, August 13, 2009

[blog règlement]

As always, my blogs have rules and purpose to them.
There is a reason to why I write.
There are things I won't write.

First, since this new family is like an employer, I want to protect their privacy. I will never write negative thoughts about them online, if I should have any. I will not make fun of any differences in a demeaning manor. I will not reveal private things about them.

Also, until I have their permission, I will not write their family name or their children's names. I just picked two random names so we'll go with Jérôme and Caroline till I get permission to use their real names, if I do. Jérôme is three. Caroline is 7.

In general, I will not write about my negative experiences, if I should have any, as they are happening or right after the fact. I will wait till life is back to normal and I have seen the good that came out of it. I record positive memories I want to remmeber, and learning experiences I want to go back to.
My purpose in writing is first for myself, as I am quite the selfish person. I am greatful that I have blogged consistantly since I was younger and I still enjoy looking back on my words. It is my online recording of life. I write online blogs because I feel a slight obligation to keep them coming for the people who do read them. It also ensures that I write out things I would want to remember in the past.

My second purpose is for those who do want to keep updated on my happenings. Apparently, people read these. I know this between the comments posted and people talking to me about it in real life. No one should feel obligated to read these, and I know no one feels that way, but if you're bored and want to know what I'm up to - read on.

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