Thursday, September 17, 2009

[le linge]

One of the high points is Thursdays.

Thursdays are wash days for me.

I absolutely love doing my wash in Switzerland. It relaxes me. Makes me feel refreshed.

I love hanging it up, nice and slwoly. Shaking it out in the cool air. Clipping each item on.

I keep my laundry in a pillowcase I got from Ikea. It goes in the very bottom cubby of the second row of my cubboards.

The washing machines in Switzerland take a long time to do their job. It just takes forever. It washes and washes and the machine washes on. I pour the detergent into a small clear sphere with a hole in the top and I put that in the machine. It is one of those machine with a round door on the side so you can see your clothes spin round and round. Back and forth.

Once the cycle is finished I carefully dump them into the laundry basket and carry them up to the patio.

That's when the best part comes, hanging them up on the clothes line. I let them dry in the Swiss Alpine air. So fresh. It blows the clothes crisp and dry.

Pants go on upside down, each pantleg hung up by a clothes pin.
Shirts as well, two pins.
Two socks to a pin.
Underwear, well, I get to decide as I hang it up if it decides one clothes pin or two.

The hope is that it doesn't rain. if it rains, you've got to take all the clothes mighty fast. Luckily, after living in Seattle so long I know the smell and sense of rain. My first time hanging it up, I smelt a bit of rain coming after they clothes had been up for around 55 minutes. I could tell it was coming soon and started to take the clothes down. Sure enough, when I was 25% done it started to sprinkle a bit and so I had to pick up the pace.

I put all the clothes back into the basket and inside to be ironed.

I normally iron while watching a movie or something. I enjoy the ironing as well and like ironing the ribbons on my pyjama pants.

At the end of the whole process I just feel accomplished, clean, and good.
It's laundry thearapy.

"We're just cheering for laudnry!"
-Jerry Seinfeld-

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