Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[poissons morts]

September 8, 09

Tuesday was entertainable.

September 9, 09

Today could be a special day.


So special. I woke up at a reasonable time, 9:09, and decided to go for a small jog. I got ready, turned on some David Crowder headed out, was doing fine when snurp, my ankle twisted.

I collapsed onto the grass and put my head down.

I just sat there for a bit.

It hurt a bit, but I knew it was like all other ankle twists I had. It would heal in about three days time and I would have to be careful for a while. Careful? Not sure how possible that is. I can be careful, but I have to walk to and from Oleann's school 2-3 times a day. I've got badminton. I've got to walk to my French course in Nyon.

Yes, I signed up for a language course in Nyon. I knew that I needed to have some structured French lessons to build up on. I've learned bits in pieces in America and here, but I want to have an instructor knowing if I'd practiced or not.

Anyways, I hobbled on home, just a 15 minute journey or so, so not too bad.

I sank into the couch and just sort of chilled there, writing postcards. Alice, luckily, came over and she fetched some ice and pizza for me. She is so unbelievably good to me.

Gillone and Alex came home and she gave me a cream to put on twice a day. I played with Alex a bit. Went down the stairs. Tidied up a bit. Went over to the neighbors and played a game with Alice and Floriane. Then Gillone called me over to watch Alex while she went to Nyon. He was sleeping. He woke up. We played with a balloon, it was loads of fun.

I set up a clothes line in my bedroom, well, not a clothes line. A string across the ceiling, like Jordan suggested. I hung up my French verb posters, a few pictures, and a few pics friends had made for me (like Raquel!).

We didn't go to bed that night because it was their mom's birthday. At 10:03, Alice came over and we watched a movie.

Then, the worst thing possible happened, it was horrible. I went to check on Mayo Thai. He hadn't been looking good all day. Sort of drifting, and very visibly breathing. I was worried but at least he was moving around. I turned off the filter to give him a rest.

Anyways, I checked on Mayo Thai and he was face down in the rocks. So odd. Was he sleeping? I turned on the filter and he sickeningly began to spin.I felt absolutely horrible. Sick. Mayo Thai was dead! Alice made sure, and indeed, he was no more. She flushed him for me, thank goodness. I could only hide my head in my pillow.

I felt horrible because my host family had done so much for him and I killed him. But then again, I don't know what went wrong. I honestly think he was a sick fish from the start. He was never very, well, active like a normal fish. Maybe the pet shop will give us a new one, but it's not like I can just replace Mayo Thai. He was sick, but still a great fish.

I was afraid to fall asleep and felt disgusting. I hated walking. For some reason, I felt like I would step on Mayo Thai, who was long gone down the in the toilet.

There was no saying good night to Mayo Thai this night.

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