Tuesday, September 1, 2009


September 1, 2009

It's September, finally.

I absolutely adore this month, I really do. It's the month of important dates such as my birthday and life getting colder. I don't like absolute cold but a bit is fine.
I think rain is a hideous French word. I will be honest, it makes me want to shudder. Want to see it? Pluie. Go ahead, try and make it sound beautiful, and somehow the natives do, but I don't like looking at it. I'll take my rain or regen any day.

Tuesdays are my cleaning days, if ever there were one. I vacuum the entire house. I woke up, got dressed, and got to work, which for me is actually fun. I blasted the Lion King, in French of course, through the house so the neighbors would know what I was up to.

I dusted. Cleaned. Danced. They all go hand in hand you know.

Time to pick up Oleann.
Picked up.
At some Knacki (like skinny American hot dogs).
Took her back to school.
Continued cleaning.

Oh! I did some wash, that was fun. I hung out all my clothes to dry. It was a warm, windy day which made the process go quickly. I love hang drying clothes. I like the way they feel after they dry. I went outside to check on them, 10 minutes before it was time to pick up Oleann, when I smelled rain. I felt like it was coming. I figured it might be good to take them inside, and, sure enough, the moment my hand touched the first piece of clothing it started to sprinkle.

I felt like a speedracer as I unclasped off all my clothes.
Ran to pick up Oleann.
We wandered in the rain together.

Got home.
Ate some yogurt.
Learned English.

Then, we played on and we played hard. I did some crafting with boxes, a new hobby of mine.

Gilone and Alex came home and she asked me to play with him for a bit while she helped Oleann with her studies. No problem for me. Alex and I played ball outside fo the entire duration of time.

It rained some more. The clear skied Arzier I had come to love was turning into a mess of grey. Sometimes you could barels see past the train tracks in our backyard. I felt right at home. It felt good. Smelled better.

Gilone was gone for dinner because she was getting a new car. A company car. A car from her company. Daniel cooked up some pasta and sausages.

By the time it was time for my evening walk, it was raining quite a bit - but that doesn't stop someone whose lived in Seattle most of her life. I allowed myself an umbrella, since I'm in Switzerland, and headed out to meet with Alice. We wandered a ways, but after about 8 minutes, the lightening started and it's not a safe thing to walk in such conditions. We strolled on back. Came home. Watched some of Annie.


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