Monday, September 21, 2009


Thoughts and Observations and Bulletpoints of September 21, 2009

10:00 - wake up to furniture being moved around upstairs
11:30 eat breakfast and made lunch for day
Caught the train at 1:40 - went to Lausanne
Met up with Kaci, waited for Christine
Five of us total
Went to Coop for food
I bought nothing
Took the metro to Ouchy
Wow. Cool park
Had a picnic
Saw something covered in sheet and surrounded by officials
Watched covered thing in press
Amusing conversations and inspirations
Waited for uncovering
Guessed what it would be
Was a bust
Train to Geneva was late
Waited 16 minutes for train
Gave money to liar who said he needed it
Went to Geneva
Missed transfer train by 3 minutes because other train was late
Wandered for 30 minutes trying to find another way to destination
Got on bus
Hopped off at first stop after realizing it went the wrong direction
Walked back to train station
Bought some bread
Train to Geneve Secheron
Only one at the station
Walked along sketchy, unlit part of Geneva
Searched for the square dance hall
Pass sketchy building covered in graffiti
End up at the United Nations Geneva
Walk back
Realize sketchy building has matching numbers to the square dance hall
Wander around sketchy property
Enter hallway
Hear music
See one square of dancers
Eat with them and chat in English
Dance a tip
Catch train to Coppet.
See good looking guy on roller skates in Pont Ceard
Arrive in Coppet and transfer to Nyon
Worry that Nadine will miss little train up to village
Train waits for Nadine
Train up the mountain
Arrive in Arzier and get ride home from Nadine
Check out online courses - realize that I need one book
Call parental
Get book taken care of
Final bed time - 2:34 AM
Wake up time the next morning? 7:00 AM

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