Monday, September 7, 2009


Life has ever so quickly fallen back into a routine.
I'm kind of amazed at how quickly we can adapt and accept new lifestyles.

I'll try and keep these daily notes a bit shorter now, as there isn't much to discover - or is there? I think it's up to me, really, to find those things that make each day special. Otherwise, life just blends into one big mush, just like with babyfood, you can't tell one meal from the next.

I had been gone for the weekend and had yet to see my host family.

For lunch, Oleann and I had little pizza's. I feel like a master chef when I cook up frozen food. I also made sure we got some fruits and vegetables into our digestive system.

The day was simply regular.

In the evening it was time for badminton. I got a tap on my window at around 8:25 from Alice. She said she wasn't going to be going that night. She wasn't feeling to great, which isn't a good thing. So Nicholas and I went down to the school to play, but now one else was there that evening to play because the club had some sort of meeting. But we played on and talked about barbarian Swiss people, fighting off bears, and walking to get Alpen cheese.

Walked on back home.
Turning off Mayo Thai's light signals that it is time for the world to sleep.

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