Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I hope people speak French and can understand the title of this post. I think it is a wonderful word. With knowing. Beautiful language, French is.

Here is a language update from your ever so favourite not-French-speaking-Seattlite residing in Arzier:

Everyone: Parles tu Francais?
*doh - of course I understand that question and can answer it, regardless of if I speak French or not*
Me: Oui! Oui! Un petit peu.
Everyone: *a bunch of crazy fluent French*
Me: Oui! Oui! Je veux boire de chocolat chaud.

Dear world, can I be honest with you?
I don't speak French. It's just a huge joke. I can talk about hot chocoalte, tell kids to set the table and stop and brush their teeth, and declare to the world that I do not shave. Er. What?

I think my French capabilities will never compare to my dear German. When I learned German, I was oh so surrounded by that lovely language. School. Host family. Friends.

Now, my second time in Switzerland? Why am I not learning as much? During the day, I'm alone at home, not at school speaking the language. With the host family, well, they speak English with me. I could put up a fuss and say French, but the thing is, most of what they tell me is crucial that I understand for my job. Hence, there is no room for misunderstandings. Friends? Au pairs and exchange students speak English with each other. As for Swiss friends, my youth group is the best place for me to learn. There, I feel my self improve in just the two hours of being surrounded by the language. That's a good thing.

My comprehension is improving and I can express much of my thoughts. It's mainly the pronunciation that is absolutely murdering me. I can't even study well alone because I haven't the faintest idea how to pronounce words such as "affûtage." Ok, that word, I think I could manage. But they have so many ways to say any letter and sometimes, random letters just like to be *interjection* silent.

I do so like the language and will continue to try and pursue learning it.

So, when I get home, feel free to ask me, in French, if I speak French. I'll tell you yes, but then, you can almost guarantee that I will inform you that I want a hot chocolate as well.

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