Sunday, October 11, 2009


With sick days come sick foods and with this comes my rediscovery of bouillon.

Are you ready to see how my French is coming along? I find the following phrases to be vital to anyone's stay in a French speaking country.

Je bois de bouillon.
Où est le bouillon?
Pourquoi bois tu de bouillon?
Comment de la bouillon?
Combien coute le bouillon?
Je bois beaucoup de bouillon!

I am not sure about grammar, but I think I could make my point clear with those statements.

Anyways, today I had a craving for something I rarely ever drink. Bouillon. Bouillon usually comes in a compact cube of powder that, when mixed with hot water, forms a delicious broth. So yes, it's just broth, nothing else.

It's salty chicken flavoured water and I find it to be delicious.

I just drank .75 liters of it. I'm allowed to, it's my sick day.

There is something in the taste that reminds me of Thanksgiving.
Something in the smell that reminds me of, well, Thanksgiving again.
It's a comforting sensation.

Bouillon is broth, and there is a famous old proverb that goes, "Too many cooks spoil the broth," so I suggest you bustle on over to your kitchen and try out my timeless bouillon recipe... alone. Do it alone or else it will be awful!

Are you ready for my recipe? You might want to go grab a pencil so you can write it down.

Boil half a litre of water. Add bouillon cube. Stir to dissolve. Drink.

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  1. Bouillon cubes are disgusting. MSG, salt, and hydrogenated oil filled, Unhealthy!